May 4, 2017

You showed up in a big way


Together, we showed the world that even with a presidential administration filled with climate-change deniers and fossil fuel executives and shills, we can create the change we need. We will not be divided.

We all have a role to play in setting things right — and Saturday that meant coming together with hundreds of thousands of others following the lead of people from communities most impacted by climate change, and demanding separation of oil and state. We marched and rallied for climate, jobs, and justice, which all depend on kicking Big Oil, Gas, and Coal out of our climate policy.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the People’s Climate Movement across the United States:

  • In Washington, D.C., 200,000 people poured into the streets to march. Members of the Corporate Accountability International community and action league joined the Fossil Fuel Resistance Bloc, hoisting our signs high: “#ExxonKnew. Polluters Out! People In!” As we marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, our bloc joined contingents that represent the resilience and diversity of our movement, including indigenous people, communities of color, immigrants, women, people from the LGBTQ community, workers, elders, educators, healers, and organizers and activists from communities across the U.S., all demanding action on climate change. It was an incredible show of solidarity and strength.
  • In Boston, thousands of people rallied for climate justice on the Boston Common — a gathering that your support made possible. Hundreds of people flocked to Corporate Accountability International’s table, where they took photos and signed letters of thanks to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey for investigating what #ExxonKnew and hid about climate change. The day also included teach-ins on topics ranging from racism, capitalism, and climate change, to the Flint water crisis, to justice for young people whose futures are endangered by climate change. These teach-ins helped galvanize action toward a deeper, more intersectional future for the climate justice movement.
  • In the Bay Area, thousands of people came together for climate justice — and as a supporter of Corporate Accountability International, you were instrumental in the day’s success! The Bay Area corporate accountability action league helped bring together an event that featured speakers — including Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) — who took the mic to light the way forward for the climate justice movement.

Whether you marched in Washington, D.C., attended an event in your hometown, or showed up in spirit, you can rest assured the People’s Climate Movement was just the beginning. The following Monday, May Day, many of us hit the streets again to challenge corporate power and highlight the link between environmental justice, immigration justice, racial justice, and economic justice. And today, we’re continuing to organize to challenge the Trump administration as it expands and entrenches corporate power.

So what’s next? Trump’s first 100 days were about establishing a Cabinet full of corporate cronies and signing executive orders that destroyed critical health and environmental protections. There’s no doubt the next 100 days will reveal a further expansion of corporate power, and an attempt to sell off public goods to the highest corporate bidder. And we’ll be right there to stand up to those attempts and to protect people.

So stay determined, stay organized, and stay with us. We’ll be in touch soon to give you more details about how you can protect our public water systems and other critical infrastructure from corporate takeover.

Until then, you have my heartfelt thanks for building our climate justice movement to be stronger than ever.

Corporate Accountability
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