July 25, 2019

You voted, now take action.

The results are in! For the fourth year in a row, you named Koch Industries the world’s most abusive corporation and inducted it into the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Why did you choose Koch? For working to systematically dismantle the organizations and policies protecting our environment in the name of fossil fuel profits, while flooding the U.S. midterm elections with hundreds of millions of dollars of dark money.

You voted. Now it’s time to act.

We’re teaming up with a coalition of allies to challenge the latest example of the Koch network’s outright abusive behavior: using its immense wealth to fund junk science, sometimes dressed up as academic research, to spread doubt about the climate crisis.

Together, we can send a message loud and clear: Koch network must stop funding junk science to spread doubt about the climate crisis.

While Koch Industries rakes in profits from fossil fuels, the Koch network uses connections to universities and pseudo-scientific organizations to muddy the waters on climate change. A new report from Public Citizen reveals that George Washington University’s ostensibly neutral Regulatory Studies Center is actually “a ‘key cog’ in the Koch family’s fight to slash government regulations designed to protect workers and the planet.” 

Pundits and politicians use Koch-funded junk science to debate the seriousness of climate change. Meanwhile, the climate crisis is already devastating people’s lives and livelihoods around the globe — disproportionately affecting low-income communities, communities of color, and people in the Global South who’ve done the least to cause the crisis.

Sign this petition to demand an end to Koch-funded junk science.

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