July 24, 2018

You voted — we’re taking action

The results are in! For the 3rd year in a row, you named Koch Industries the world’s most abusive corporation through the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Many of you named Koch Industries the worst of the worst for flooding U.S. elections with millions of dollars of dark money. This corporation has undermined environmental protections, funded climate denial, and ensured that its bread and butter — the extraction and burning of fossil fuels — can continue unabated, even as the world burns.

Koch Industries has used the Trump administration to ram through its deadly agenda. At the top of its list? Hobbling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And to do that, they helped install disgraced EPA head Scott Pruitt, an infamous climate-science denier who had sued the agency 14 times.

We won’t let Koch Industries go unopposed. That’s why we’re joining with a coalition of allies to send a message loud and clear: Koch Industries must stop attacking the EPA, and slashing environmental protections. Add your voice.

Pruitt was recently forced to step down after a string of ethics scandals and hundreds of thousands of people who took action to protect the EPA from his oily agenda. But we have more work to do. Koch Industries is still calling the shots at the EPA, slashing environmental protections, and putting people and the planet in grave danger. We need to stop Koch Industries as a first step toward making sure the EPA fulfils its mandate to protect our air, water, and land.

You’ve successfully challenged Koch Industries before. Last year, after you voted them into the Corporate Hall of Shame, we ramped up our organizing to kick Big Polluters like Koch out of global climate policy. And its working! The fossil fuel industry is on the defensive as more and more governments are demanding that these corporations have no part in writing climate policy.

The EPA exists to protect people and the planet — not to enrich the Koch Brothers. Demand that Koch Industries stop attacking the EPA, spreading climate change denial, and slashing environmental protections.

Then, keep a look out for your ballot to help us name the worst corporation of 2018.

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