September 10, 2018

Your voice, not Big Polluters

In just a few days, people from across the country will gather in California for the Global Climate Action Summit happening this week. The thinking behind this summit is: If the current U.S. president and administration is undermining solutions to the climate crisis, we need to step up and take action.

Sounds good so far, right? But the “we” in this case aren’t primarily the people who have been impacted by climate change nor the scientists and experts who are ready with real solutions that work. It isn’t people who have been forging a path toward climate justice for decades. No, the “we” is primarily referring to the very corporations that have fueled the climate crisis!

Yup, you read that right. Polluting corporations and their cronies are positioning themselves as climate “leaders” at this summit, even as they work endlessly behind the scenes to weaken and delay urgent climate action.

This is dangerous and counterproductive. From the U.N. climate treaty to U.S. legislation, we’ve seen what happens when Big Polluters’ interests dictate climate policy. Nothing good — because these corporations are only interested in polluting for profit. They have little interest in actually averting climate devastation that’s affecting hundreds of millions of people and senselessly destroying countless ecosystems.

That’s why, this Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets of San Francisco, and around the world at Rise for Climate actions demanding urgent action for climate justice.

I bet you have an interest in a livable planet. And your voice deserves to be heard at the Global Climate Action Summit and beyond. What do you think would help solve the climate crisis? If you could bring your demands to policymakers, what would you say?

In partnership with people’s movements and climate justice allies around the world, we’re building a call for real climate solutions — and we want to include your best ideas.

If we let Big Polluters and the governments in their pockets dictate climate action, the outcome will be a world of catastrophic temperature rise. We cannot let that happen, so we’re teaming up with allies from around the globe to offer a different vision of the world we must create.

We have been meeting with movements from around the globe, led by people who are being impacted by climate change now, and who are leading the way in implementing the transformative just solutions our world so badly needs. We’re uniting under our collective demands to reflect this global call: demands from people, not the wishlist for Big Polluters. We know we need policies that facilitate a just transition to a renewable economy and energy democracy, an end to fossil fuel extraction, rapid access to life-saving technology, and finance to communities on the frontlines of climate change around the world.

But we know there’s more, and we need to hear from you to make these demands complete.

Once they’re finalized, we’ll share them far and wide. And we’ll bring your voice directly to policy makers at the U.N. when they meet in December.

Help us put together the strongest demands that will lead to real solutions to our climate crisis.

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