July 24, 2017

Your vote, the results

The results are in, and we heard you loud and clear. For the second year in a row, Koch Industries got the most votes in the Corporate Hall of Shame.

Many of you named Koch Industries the worst of the worst for flooding U.S. elections with millions of dollars of dark money to undermine environmental protections, fund climate denial, and ensure that its bread and butter — the extraction and burning of fossil fuels — can continue unabated, even as we head toward climate catastrophe.

Now — what are we going to do about it? Join me in challenging Koch Industries’ greed by signing our call to kick big polluters out of global climate policy.

Koch Industries is powerful and dangerous, and it’s critical that we act NOW.

The Koch’s fingerprints are all over the Trump administration’s agenda. Charles and David Koch have publicly applauded the administration’s efforts to roll back federal regulations as well as the decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris global climate accord.

In fact, the Trump administration is packed full of climate deniers and Koch allies.

This isn’t new territory for Koch Industries. It has been scheming to block climate change regulation for years and will stop at nothing to maintain the deadly status quo. We can put a stop to this abusive behavior.

The world’s largest polluters like Koch Industries have prevented progress on bold climate action for far too long. The time has come to send a message. Take action right now to kick big polluters out of climate policy.

Then, keep a look out for your ballot to help us name the worst corporation of 2017.

Thank you for all you do.

Corporate Accountability
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