January 11, 2017

Statement: As AG, Sessions is a danger to human rights, environment, justice everywhere

Please see International Policy Director Tamar Lawrence-Samuel’s statement below:

“As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions will be a threat to the environment, to civil rights, and to human rights. Sessions is a climate denier who has a decades-long track record of disdain for LGBT and immigrants’ rights and a reputation for racism. Not only does Sessions owe his career to the campaign donations of some of the world’s biggest climate denying polluters like Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries and Southern Company, he is a darling of war profiteers like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

Corporate coziness aside, perhaps most troubling is Mr. Sessions’ abysmal human rights record. From Alabama to Washington D.C., he has opposed just and fair treatment of immigrant communities and has been accused of blatant racism on numerous occasions. He will not represent all Americans. Senator Sessions’ career has focused not on finding justice for people but undermining it at every turn.

These hearings did nothing to assuage the fears that as AG, Sessions will only represent the wealthy white elite and the corporate interests to whom he owes his career.

Donald Trump’s cabinet– a cadre of oil barons, corporate CEOs, and Wall Street bankers –represents an unprecedented level of corporate control over our democracy and threatens to put corporate profits before human rights, the environment and our democracy at large. It will be a government of, for, and by corporations.”


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