April 17, 2019

EU Parliament caves to ExxonMobil pressure, fails to revoke badges

“This week, the EU Parliament sided Big Oil instead of standing with people of the EU. ExxonMobil has known for decades the true impacts of its extractive and abusive business in order to maximize its profits. When it was called to the first-ever public hearing on its actions, the oil giant refused to show but then used practically every manipulative tactic in the book to keep its lobbying stranglehold over the EU Parliament.

This decision is not only out of step with the will of the people, it’s also out of step with the Parliament’s own positions at the international level. This time last year, this same body voted overwhelmingly in favor of protecting climate policy from the vested interests of Big Polluters at  the UN climate treaty. Yet, when given the opportunity to do the same at home, they side with Big Oil? What gives?

Exxon Mobil’s malfeasance is just the tip of the iceberg and why hundreds of thousands of people around the world are demanding the fossil fuel industry be barred from interfering in climate policymaking at all levels. If we are to address the climate crisis meaningfully, the very drivers and profiteers of the climate crisis must be held accountable for the impacts of their actions, not invited to have a seat at the table. “

-Deputy Campaign Director Sriram Madhusoodanan


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