May 26, 2016

Statement: Cathy Dreyfuss on McDonald’s 2016 shareholders’ meeting

My name is Cathy Dreyfuss. I am a shareholder and have come from California to this meeting because I am concerned about McDonald’s having stores inside hospitals, selling fast food to children and patients. That is why I am raising this question, related to Proposal #8, on behalf of a medical student and future doctor who was shut out of this meeting.

She states the following:

“My name is Azeen Anjum. I am a first-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. My views on this matter are my own and I do not speak on behalf of or represent Baylor College of Medicine.

When I arrived at Baylor last year I was shocked and disappointed to find McDonald’s in some of the most respected hospitals in the country. My peers and faculty are similarly appalled by the smell of fries wafting through the same hospitals that treat patients for diet-related illnesses. It makes no sense for McDonald’s to be inside a place of health and healing.

McDonald’s perpetuates a toxic food culture that is responsible for America’s diet-related disease crisis. It’s a culture that I, along with my future colleagues in the medical field, recognize the need to fight against. In fact, there is a growing movement of hospitals kicking McDonald’s out.

When will you realize that McDonald’s undermines the hard work of health professionals and has no place inside a hospital?”


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