May 26, 2016

Statement: Jacob Seigel McDonald’s 2016 shareholders’ meeting

My name is Jacob Siegel. My question is related to Proposal 8. I will be offering a question on behalf of Jose Oliva, who was at the shareholders’ meeting last year, and who you shut out of the meeting this year.

Jose says:

“My name is Jose Oliva, and I am the Co-Director of the Food Chain Workers’ Alliance, representing food workers from farms to processing plants to restaurants. Our combined membership is close to 300,000, and many work for McDonald’s or in its supply chain.

I would have liked to be there to deliver this timely message to you and your shareholders directly, but I, like many others, was shut out of the meeting.  If I was allowed to speak today, I would have asked you to stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.

While you claim to be interested in making our communities better, you support the National Restaurant Association, the country’s largest and most powerful anti-worker lobby. This past April 15th, the NRA sent over a hundred lobbyists to Congress to keep the minimum wage stagnant, undermine junk food marketing protections for children, and chip away at the few nutrition standards we have.

This is the exact opposite of what McDonald’s claims it stands for, and it is certainly the exact opposite of what we need to thrive as a society.

When will McDonald’s finally “walk the walk” and pull out of the National Restaurant Association?”


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