May 26, 2016

Statement: Jennifer McDowell on McDonald’s 2016 shareholders’ meeting

My name is Jennifer McDowell. I am a McDonald’s shareholder, special ed teacher and  mother of three. I am appalled at this corporation’s predatory marketing tactics, especially those that target children, like McTeacher’s Nights. That’s why I am joining with local teacher Mark Noltner–who you shut out of this meeting–to address this question related to proposal number 8.

Last year, Mark’s daughter brought home a flyer advertising a McTeacher’s Night in her school.

In his words: It really saddened me that McDonald’s had stooped so low that they needed to exploit the relationship between a teacher and a student in order to gain a marketing foothold on such young consumers. This is clearly an example of McDonald’s disguising marketing as a “fundraiser.”

Mr. Easterbrook, when will you stop exploiting the budget crisis of our schools and the relationship between students and teachers for McDonald’s financial gain?


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