May 26, 2016

Statement: Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein on McDonald’s 2016 shareholders’ meeting

My name is Jonathan Rubenstein. I’m a father, a mental health professional, and the rabbi of a community that is very concerned about the environmental harm and human suffering caused by the fast food industry. I have a question on behalf of a student at a local elementary school. He writes:

My name is Isaac, I am a fifth grade student at the Academy for Global Citizenship. Last year my class and I participated in a protest against McDonald’s use of Ronald McDonald and their child-targeted advertising.

After participating in this action my family and I made the decision not to eat at McDonald’s anymore. We want to put food into our body that does not cause obesity or other illnesses. Since the protest I have noticed that McDonald’s is making some changes. While this is a start, it does not address the fact that McDonald’s wants to use kids to make money off of food that is not sustainably produced or healthy for our bodies.

When will you stop marketing an unhealthy lifestyle to children like me?


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