February 15, 2017

Statement: Puzder withdraws in response to fierce opposition

BOSTON– Today, Andrew Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants is expected to withdraw his name for consideration for Secretary of Labor. The CEO has faced fierce opposition from a movement of workers, food justice and food chain organizations as well as millions of people across the country.

Please see Value the Meal Campaign Director Sriram Madhusoodanan’s statement below:

“Certainly, Puzder’s withdrawal is a huge victory for working people and for our country at large. But let’s be clear, Andrew Puzder should have never been considered for this position in the first place. His career and his corporation’s success were built on the backs of workers. Puzder’s CKE was infamous for trampling workers’ rights, stealing wages and undermining efforts to increase the minimum wage.

Simply put, Andy Puzder would have been the Anti-Labor Secretary. His withdrawal is an admission of defeat. The movement of workers rights, food justice and food chain organizations that organized to block his confirmation are ever more emboldened. We will continue to organize tirelessly to ensure that the Trump Regime’s next choice for this position will work to protect workers’ rights, not dismantle them.”


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