September 22, 2017

Statement: San Francisco, Oakland sue fossil fuel industry

BOSTON — On Wednesday, news broke that San Francisco and Oakland are joining other cities across California in suing the fossil fuel industry for rising sea levels.

Please see Executive Director Patti Lynn’s statement below.

“As wildfires rage across western states, and coastal and island communities contend with the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria, it couldn’t be clearer that we need to take bold action on climate. But take a look at those currently in power in the federal government, and it’s also clear that they are in the pockets of Big Polluters like ExxonMobil and Shell — and are therefore unlikely to take the action we need, now.

That’s why we applaud cities like San Francisco and Oakland that are leading the way forward to hold the fossil fuel industry directly accountable for the climate crisis it is causing. We urge more cities across the country, and more state attorneys general like Xavier Becerra to join the movement to hold the industry accountable. For decades, the fossil fuel industry has covered up and distracted attention from its role in causing climate catastrophe. Now, people around the world are paying dearly. This industry must be held accountable, and we must continue to organize on all levels — local, state, and international — to do so.

Together, we persist, toward a just and sustainable future.”


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