November 7, 2019

STATEMENT: Closing arguments in NY Exxon trial

Today marks the closing arguments of the People of the State of New York v. Exxon Mobil trial. Across the U.S. — from Massachusetts to Baltimore to the halls of Congress — Big Polluters like Exxon are under fire for deceiving the public about climate change. Just this week, the mayor of Honolulu, HI announced his intention to sue the fossil fuel industry for misleading the public on the science surrounding climate change.

Below please see a statement from Sriram Madhusoodanan, Deputy Campaigns Director at Corporate Accountability.

“Today may be Exxon’s last day in court — for now — but Exxon has already lost in the court of public opinion. The last three weeks have been historic for climate justice and the movement to make Big Polluters pay, and the verdict must reflect what the evidence clearly shows — that Exxon knew about climate change and deceived its investors.

This case and the work of New York Attorney General James has helped clear the way for other states, cities and communities to hold the drivers of the climate crisis liable for their deceit and wrongdoing. From New York to Honolulu the demand is clear: It’s time to #MakeThemPay.”


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