December 15, 2019

STATEMENT: COP25 failed people when some governments tried to prioritize polluters, but people are rising up for the real solutions we need.

“By every measure, COP25 failed to rise to the challenge of our times. COP25 failed to deliver for people. And it’s clear, now more than ever, who’s at fault. Global North governments, at the behest of polluting industries, are attempting to completely eviscerate the Paris Agreement and the broader UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. In place of real solutions, this axis of polluters is forcing through dangerous distractions and reneging on all financial commitments and responsibilities.

There is no more time for inaction. People have the solutions. The time is now for the UNFCCC and governments around the world to start listening, and for governments on the frontlines of the climate crisis to stand strong. We will not stand idly by as they sell our planet off to the highest bidder and doom millions. We will not be silenced when our words offend those they continue to protect. We will rise and realize the solutions that our world urgently needs.”

— Sriram Madhusoodanan, Deputy Campaigns Director, Corporate Accountability

Photo: Hanae Takahashi, Friends of the Earth Japan.

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