May 18, 2020

STATEMENT: US-, Nigeria-based NGOs decry Shell’s greenwashing, human rights abuses ahead annual meeting

Tomorrow is Royal Dutch Shell’s annual meeting. Please see below for statements from Corporate Accountability‘s Director of Climate Research and Policy Rachel Rose Jackson and Environmental Rights Action Head, Media & Campaigns, Philip Jakpor.

Corporate Accountability Director of Climate Research and Policy Rachel Rose Jackson:

“Despite being one of the world’s biggest polluters and a violator of human rights, Shell is using hollow PR to convince the public and its shareholders that it’s cleaning up its act to try to stave off the global energy transformation. Central to their PR propaganda is the corporation’s recent “net-zero carbon” plan, which has been criticized for being a total farce. And while Shell continues to add coats of paint to its green facade, the Big Polluter has continued to undermine climate action and lobbied for policies that would evade liability for the damages incurred to others as a result of its practices and misinformation.

Shell’s profiteering off the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels is disastrous for people on the global frontlines of the climate crisis and for the planet. It’s even risky for the corporations’ own investors. It’s time for investors to leave the fossil fuel industry behind and for governments to make Big Polluters like Shell pay for its abuses.”

Philip Jakpor, Head, Media and Campaigns, Environmental Rights Action:

“The amount of time Shell executives will spend talking about its net-zero ‘pledges’ would be a joke, were it not for the continuing devastation of the communities in the Niger Delta. For decades Shell has escaped accountability. Worse, it has continued illegal gas flaring operations with impunity.

We don’t need to wait another 30 years to see if Shell intends to keep its promises or not. Its track record in the Niger Delta speaks for itself. The time for cheap talk is over. It is time for governments and people to demand justice from these climate criminals. It is time for Shell to pay up for its human rights abuses and climate pollution.”

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