May 26, 2020

STATEMENTS: Corporate Accountability responds to Exxon and Chevron shareholders’ meetings

On May 27th, ExxonMobil and Chevron held their annual meetings. Please see below for statements from Corporate Accountability staff and allies.

Deputy Campaign Director Sriram Madhusoodanan on Exxon
“Exxon has knowingly fueled the climate crisis for decades. It has committed gross environmental and human rights abuses all while  undermining climate policy, misleading the public, and rolling out PR campaigns in an attempt to shield their brand. 

But in the last few years Exxon’s decades-long rampage on our environment, human rights and policymaking has finally come home to roost. Shareholders are asking questions, the corporation’s finances are tanking, and millions of people around the globe are demanding Exxon be held liable for its abuses. Exxon cannot continue to damage, abuse, and grossly benefit the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. It’s high time that Exxon be held liable for its abuses and for climate reparations to be made to those on the global frontlines of the climate crisis.”

Latin America Climate Campaign Director Nathalie Rengifo on Chevron
“Across the world, Chevron’s quest for profit has endangered the lives of millions of people—from the Mapuche communities in Argentina to the city of Richmond, California. For over 20 years, Chevron has evaded liability for poisoning the Ecuadorian Amazon and tens of thousands of Indigenous people living there. At tomorrow’s meeting, Chevron’s executives will likely spew talking points about the “future” of energy. But the reality is that there is no place in the future for Chevron. Its business of extracting and burning fossil fuels and undermining science is disastrous for people and the planet. The oil and gas industry is in a tailspin, and it’s time for investors to leave the fossil fuel industry behind and for Chevron to pay for its abuses.”


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