May 21, 2020

STATEMENT: Terrence Wise’s comment at McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting

At McDonald’s 2020 virtual shareholders’ meeting, Terrence Wise of Fight for $15 attempted to defend a resolution. However, he was interrupted multiple times by Chairman Rick Hernandez, and prevented from continuing to speak. When Terrence spoke again, the Mr. Hernandez muted Terrence’s phone. See below for the statement Terrence had prepared.

“Good morning CEO Kempczinski and shareholders! My name is Terrence Wise and I am proud to be here representing Harrington Investments in introducing Proxy Item Number 6, a report on Sugar and Public Health.

We know that McDonald’s use of sugar and junk food–heavily marketed at children–presents a major risk to public health and shareholder value.

But there is another public health risk taking place right now.

In your restaurants, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, workers are getting sick from COVID-19.  Sonia Hernandez, who has worked for McDonald’s for 20  years, was clinging to life on a ventilator. And TENS of THOUSANDS in your stores DO NOT FEEL SAFE!

The McDonald’s corporation has to take RESPONSIBILITY for worker safety and well-being with the SAME authority that allows it to take profit from every single burger sold worldwide.

If you can figure out a way to take that money, and still give billions to shareholders, even in the middle of a pandemic, then surely you can figure out a way to take that money and give it to the essential workers who are RIGHT NOW RISKING OUR LIVES to keep America fed and to keep this business running. Just a few weeks ago, me and my family were homeless at the same time that I got up every day to go to work for your company. We deserve a $15 minimum wage and pandemic pay!

How much is a human life worth to you McDonald’s? You are putting our health, our lives, and the public at risk. We DEMAND paid sick days!

I haven’t seen a doctor in 20 years! Workers NEED health care benefits!

It’s time for McDonald’s to step up: be part of the solution instead of the problem!  We deserve $15 and a UNION and benefits like health care and paid sick days.

Thank you, and please vote YES on the resolution.”

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