November 12, 2019

Our statement on recent events of turmoil and violence across the world

As we reflect on the many recent events of turmoil and violence across the world, Corporate Accountability calls for the protection of all human rights of all people in all countries. We also extend our deepest solidarity to the people who currently experience the greatest consequences of injustice and abuse of power.

We believe in a world rooted in justice where every person is able to thrive in harmony with one another and the planet. We believe in a world where all people have the right to live in peace and dignity, with freedom of expression and democratic self-governance that is free of coercion, intimidation, violence, or interference–corporate or otherwise. And we believe these rights must be honored, cherished, and safeguarded.

We are committed to working together with people and movements across the globe to make this a reality, centering the leadership and wisdom of people of color, indigenous communities, women, youth, and all those most impacted by greed and abuse of power.

We call on global leaders in government and civil society–and all those who share these ideals–to join in solidarity and act together to stop the violence, investigate the abuses of power, and advance equity and justice for people and communities that are most impacted.

Corporate Accountability
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