Clowning with kid’s health: A case for Ronald McDonald’s retirement


The public health community demands McDonald's retire Ronald McDonald.

Released in May 2010 on the eve of the launch of the Retire Ronald effort, Clowning with kids’ health: The case for Ronald McDonald’s retirement draws on a mountain of evidence – including findings from a nationwide poll commissioned by Corporate Accountability – to make the case that it is time for the most well-recognized American marketing icon to be retired.  Retiring Ronald McDonald and ending McDonald’s predatory marketing of unhealthy food to children can protect the health of a generation of children.

This stunning report reveals, the character is the product of a well-orchestrated and shrewd marketing strategy by America’s king of fast food. By connecting its corporate image to a fun-loving clown, McDonald’s gains a tremendous amount of positive public relations. And what better way to bypass parents and market directly to children than through a clown – the icon of circuses and children’s parties.

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