Field notes for transformation: Fall 2022


Two orange hands reach and take hold of each other. Within the hands, there are images of people calling out (left) and a water tower (right). Image by Kah Yangni.

This issue of “Field Notes for Transformation” features a conversation between Executive Director Patti Lynn and Aderonke “Ronke” Ige, associate director of Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA), our long-time and closest ally, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Ronke talks about growing up during the Nigerian military regime and what led her to activism, her experience challenging oppressive governments in Nigeria and the corporations influencing those governments, and the power of solidarity. She also reminds us that when we show up with courage, we win. 

View the digital version of this issue of field notes here.

Illustration by Kah Yangni.

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