Field notes for transformation: Spring 2023


A black, white, and red line drawing of an Indigenous woman holding up a burning oil tower. A cloud and leaves are behind her. Text says: iQue Paguen! Los Contaminadores"

“Our allies are the protagonists of the work,” says Latin America Climate Campaign Director Nathalie Rengifo Alvarez. Since the Nestlé boycott, Corporate Accountability has engaged in global campaigns and partnered with organizers in the Global South. But our partnerships in 2023 are very different from those we held in 1978. Executive Director Patti Lynn and Nathalie Rengifo Alvarez discuss what we bring to the climate justice and other social movements and how resourcing the vision of Global South organizers is the way we will succeed in our mission to end corporate abuse.

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Image credit: Merlina Annunaki

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