Spotlight Newsletter: Issue 1, 2024


A group of people gather to protest outside of the U.N. climate talks. An Indigenous leader stands before the crowd and with a handheld drum and leads the group in song.

“This is such an exciting time to be part of Corporate Accountability,” Patti Lynn reflects in our first Spotlight Newsletter issue of the year. She’s right: together, we’re shifting the ground that corporations operate under, and achieving what many people believe is impossible.

In the past months, we exposed the truth around Big Polluter’s influence in climate policy and with Kick Big Polluters Out (KBPO), brief California elected officials on keeping the community needs at the centered of the state’s climate lawsuits, and with our allies in Houston stopped passage of a water privatization contract that could have impacted 1 million people. Our award-winning Tobacco campaign also continues to expose the industry’s tactics while setting precedents that strengthen all of our campaigns.

We also got to sit down with an Arden Shank, a long-time member, and learned how he and his church community are advancing reparations in Goshen, Indiana.

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