Spotlight Newsletter: Issue 3, 2023


Martin Vilela, climate campaign organizers, speaks into a microphone to a crowd of organizers. Martin has dark hair, light brown skin, and glasses. He wears a pin-striped shirt and headphones rest on his neck. Behind him, a black and red banner reads: Que Paguen! - the campaign's slogan.

With your support, we partnered with allies to expose Chevron for it’s junk-climate action plan, call out Wells Fargo on its legacy of racist actions during its shareholders’ meeting, and generated support from EU and U.S. legislators to kick Big Polluters out of climate policy. Read the full stories, along with reflections from our members, in the Spotlight newsletter.

Pictured: Latin America Climate Campaign Organizer Martin Vilela speaking at the first regional Make Big Polluters Pay meeting that happened in Lima, Peru, in May.

Photo credit: The Latin America Climate JUSTICE! Campaign.

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