Project Coordinator

“Over many years I have asked myself a simple question: What’s at stake?” says Akili. “What would this world be like if we don’t show up? Once I answer that question, I can go on.”

Akili has shown up his entire life, which he has dedicated to social and racial justice. He is guided by three basic beliefs:

  1.  People will make a difference if you seek to get them involved.
  2. The essence of democracy is inclusion and participation.
  3. We live in the richest country in the world; we can have a just, fair, and equitable society.

Guided by those beliefs, Akili first became involved with Corporate Accountability during the Nestlé boycott in 1978. Today, he brings 45 years of experience as a labor, community organizer, and political leader to advance Corporate Accountability’s campaigns on food and water. And he helps members, staff, and allies understand and appreciate the historic role Corporate Accountability has played in shaping social change over the last four decades.

Akili has served as special assistant to former California Assembly Speaker and former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, as well as former California Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson. He has worked with numerous organizations including the NAACP, Obama for America, SEIU, and the United Farm Workers. He serves on the Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Action and Labor Committees.

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