Rachel Rose Jackson

Director of Research and International Policy: Climate
Portrait of Rachel Rose Jackson, organizer with and spokesperson for Corporate Accountability. Rachel Rose has light brown hair and white skin and smiles at the camera.

Pronouns: She/her

Rachel Rose Jackson’s commitment to challenging corporate power first began in hospitals and through her organizing alongside women and local communities in West Africa. Working in public health, she saw firsthand the impact that systemic injustice, racism, patriarchy, and corporate greed have on whether people lived or died. She witnessed lives being lost because families could not afford medication controlled by Big Pharma, or frontline communities battling entirely avoidable diseases because water privatization had denied them of their right to clean water. “One day, it all clicked, and I understood that corporations have totally rigged the system,” she recalls. “They’ve made people and the planet sick—in every sense of the word.”

This led her to learn about the inner workings of global systems and public policy. She earned a masters degree in Global Health and Development from University College London. From there, Rachel Rose joined the Tobacco Control Research Group as investigative researcher and set out to expose the abuses of Big Tobacco in Africa. The findings led to groundbreaking research on British American Tobacco and its underhanded tactics in the African region.

She has long been active on climate change issues—“a global crisis that stands to unite or divide us”—and she found her home in the climate justice movement where she is inspired by the frontline communities and movement leaders that have led the resistance against carbon colonialism for centuries. At Corporate Accountability, Rachel Rose coordinates strategic campaign development and corporate research for the climate campaign, and leads our organizing alongside Global South partners in international policy and movement spaces to challenge corporate capture and make way for real, just solutions.

On the weekends or evenings, you can find Rachel Rose in the kitchen (her favorite part of the house) or lost in the mountains with her mobile conveniently left behind.

Issues she can speak to:

  • Corporate capture and interference in policymaking
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Carbon markets and offsets
  • UNFCCC processes and international climate policymaking
  • Make Big Polluters Pay
  • Kick Big Polluters Out
  • Climate justice
  • U.S. and EU governmental obstruction and climate policy positions
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