Spread the word: It’s time for Big Polluters to pay up!

Big Polluters have eroded the power of governments to effectively address global disasters like the climate crisis and COVID-19. They should be paying for the damages they caused and continue to cause.

So we are demanding exactly that. Along with a coalition of international climate justice allies, we are redoubling our call to make Big Polluters pay for the damage they knowingly caused. And today, we have a new tool in our campaign for climate justice: the liability road map.

Join thousands of people and organizations for a global day of action. Spread the word by sharing an illustration on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Tell your friends and family. Raise your voice and demand that Big Polluters pay!

When sharing, feel free to use the following text:

“From increasing emissions and vast human and environmental abuses to obstructing meaningful policies, Big Polluters have long played a lead role in fueling the climate crisis.

Now, it’s time to #MakeThemPay for the damages they cause. Learn more!”

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