Carolina Santamaria

Recruitment Director
Carolina Santamaria Corporate Accountability
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Carolina was just a toddler when she attended her first peace march protesting the armed conflict in Colombia. “Social justice is intricately tied to my identity as a Colombian immigrant,” she explains, “not to mention that I come from a long line of community organizers.” Two of her aunts are leaders in their communities, organizing for the rights and well-being of immigrants and Latinx people.

So it’s not surprising she found her way to Corporate Accountability early in her career. “I have been gravitating toward this work my entire life,” she says. She’s particularly passionate about climate justice. “Climate change has been affecting the intricate connection my people have had to our land for centuries.” She is committed to challenging transnational corporations that have disrupted that connection and are trampling on human rights around the world.

Carolina plays a critical role in building a staff that wages powerful campaigns against these abusive corporations. She helps to identify and recruit talented candidates and potential staff members and to ensure the recruitment process supports the organization’s commitment to equity and inclusion. She also supports the hiring and training of interns and the orientation of new staff.

Prior to joining staff, Carolina received her Bachelor of Arts in international relations and affairs at Emmanuel College with a concentration in sustainability and global justice. She also served as a board member of the Colombian American Cultural Society of Rhode Island.

If Carolina’s not in campaign headquarters, she’s probably out riding her longboard or training for her second half-marathon.

Carolina speaks Spanish and English.

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