Corinne Jager

Associate Director of Major Gifts
Corinne Jager Corporate Accountability
Pronouns: she/her/hers

“I feel fortunate to have grown up in the Mennonite church where there is a powerful legacy of social justice,” explains Corinne.

Her upbringing led her to take up social justice work throughout her life, and brought her most recently to Corporate Accountability. As a major gifts organizer, she builds power by meeting with members across the country.

For many years, Corinne worked on creating alternative options within our current system: farming, organizing with Catholic worker communities, helping girls enter Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) careers, and more. But eventually, she started to see how critical it is to stop the harms and abuses of the current system in order to create space for the new to flourish.

That’s when “I decided I wanted to use my life to organize upstream for systemic change,” she says. “As a person with identities of privilege and power, it feels really right to be organizing others with these identities to grow resources and power. Together, we are moving toward the transformative, uncompromising change our world needs, especially in the context of the climate crisis.”

Corinne has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of Massachusetts, Boston. Before coming to Corporate Accountability she was the youth program director at the Science Club for Girls.

These days, if she’s not on the road meeting with Corporate Accountability members, you can probably find her in her garden or kitchen. “Spending time using my hands to grow and prepare food restores and inspires me to do more organizing,” she says.

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