Dr. Eduardo Bianco

Americas Regional Coordinator at the Framework Convention Alliance
Dr. Eduardo Bianco

Dr. Eduardo Bianco is  the Americas Regional Coordinator at the Framework Convention Alliance, and a retired medical doctor with his postgraduate degree in cardiology. Based in Uruguay, Dr. Bianco has been actively engaged in tobacco control and smoking cessation activities for more than two decades. He has received numerous awards for his contribution to the movement in Latin America and internationally.

Dr. Bianco’s accomplishments include initiating the first Tobacco Dependence Treatment Program in the private Health Care System and National Resources Fund (a national health insurance) in Uruguay; promoting the creation of the Tobacco Control Commission at the National Medical Association to support the Framework for Tobacco Control process; and leading the creation of the Tobacco Epidemic Research Center in Uruguay (CIET). He was also deeply involved in the arbitration process between Philip Morris International and Uruguay — participating as a witness during the trial and ultimately supporting Uruguay’s defense of its life-saving implementation of tobacco control and public health policies being upheld.

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