Kelle Louaillier

Assistant secretary

“I can’t NOT do this work,” says Kelle. “Anger compels me, love sustains me, and the great big oceans and tall, tall trees feed me.”

For three decades, Kelle has channeled her anger and love into impact for the corporate accountability movement. Prior to becoming president in 2015, she served in many roles including as director of international outreach, campaign director, and executive director. Under her leadership, Corporate Accountability helped move General Electric out of the nuclear weapons business and helped secure the World Health Organization’s global tobacco treaty: the world’s first public health and corporate accountability treaty. In addition, Kelle oversaw the launch of the water, climate, and food campaigns.

Today, as president, Kelle leads and strategically drives Corporate Accountability’s work to create systemic and transformational social change. She is inspired every single day by people who take huge risks for justice and equity, people who are bravely speaking up and speaking out, and people who learn and then activate their power individually, strategically, and in community.

She is also on the Board of Directors of the Women Donors Network (WDN).

Kelle began her social change career by teaching math in the Central African Republic with the Peace Corps and working to empower homeless youth in Seattle. She studied French, philosophy, and mathematics at Seattle University. She is also a former pogo-stick champion. It’s true.