Michél Legendre

Portrait photo of Michél Legendre. Michel has dark skin and a dark beard, and is wearing a maroon collared shirt and a bright yellow tie.

“Corporate power is not something I read about. It’s something I was exposed to growing up in the Global South, being an immigrant to the U.S., and living as a multi-racial, multi-cultural person everyday.”

Michél’s drive to hold corporations accountable is rooted in seeing first-hand the impacts corporations have had on people’s lives globally. This led him to Corporate Accountability – and what would be a longstanding involvement with the organization: first, as a volunteer; then, as a staff organizer; and now, as a board member.

As an independent consultant, Michél works with his clients to develop fundraising strategies and build fundraising systems to support their long-term growth. He has also served as an advisor in different capacities, particularly within the climate justice movement, and has cultivated relationships with movement leaders and organizers from around the world. In addition to Corporate Accountability, Michél is also a board member of the Climate Mobilization Project and Worth Rises.

Prior to taking on this role, Michél was the Campaigns Director at Worth Rises and the Associate Campaign Director of Corporate Accountability’s tobacco campaign. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Emmanuel College and has twice hiked the Samariá Gorge in Greece.

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