Steve Callaway

Mayor of Hillsboro, Oregon
Steve Callaway, Mayor of Hillsboro, Oregon

Steve Callaway is the Mayor of Hillsboro, Oregon the most diverse large city in the state. He was elected onto City Council in 2010 and mayor in 2016 and 2020. Callaway is currently the President of the Oregon Mayors Association, the Treasurer of the League of Oregon Cities, and serves on various local, regional, and statewide committees and the US Conference of Mayors Water Task Force. Prior to becoming mayor he was a public school teacher and principal. Learning that water was sometimes disconnected at students’ homes convinced him that access to affordable, quality water is a priority. Water plays an important role in the history and future of Hillsboro. From its agricultural roots the city has grown into the tallest tree in the Silicon Forest as the home many high tech companies.

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