Taylor Leake

Digital Director
pronouns: he/him/his

“It all comes down to a deep sense of unfairness,” Taylor says when explaining what drives him to challenge corporate abuse.

Motivated by a desire to seek justice, Taylor employs innovative and tried-and-true practices to ensure people know about, feel connected to, and engage with Corporate Accountability’s work and mission in the digital space.

Taylor’s first job out of college, with the Wake Up Wal-Mart campaign, got him fired up about corporate power. “I heard so many stories of workers who just wanted to be treated with respect and dignity, but kept running up against the greed of the corporation,” he says. It also got him hooked on digital organizing as he discovered the power of online tools to power change.

From there, he went on to work as an online organizer for, and as the Connecticut communications director for the Working Families party. But his path toward social change started years before that. When he was a teenager he answered an ad in the newspaper for an organization hiring activists. He spent the summer canvassing for a public election program in Connecticut — which passed and is still running more than a decade later.

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