Vrinda Manglik

Vrinda Manglik Corporate Accountability board member

“Traveling and living abroad when I was growing up exposed me to different cultures and societies and got me thinking about relationships between people and the environment, as well as wealth inequality.”

Vrinda’s interests in social justice continued to develop and took deeper root in 2003, when she became involved in the anti-war movement as a high school student. That led to her involvement in additional causes as well, including environmental advocacy.

Since then, Vrinda has built her career in the environmental nonprofit field. She has previously worked for environmental organizations including the Pisces Foundation, Sierra Club, and the Environmental Law Institute. Her work currently focuses on climate change and energy.

With a graduate degree in environmental management at the Yale School of the Environment, Vrinda combines her formal education with her passion for environmental advocacy to serve as our newest board member.

Vrinda is also currently exploring her interest in the nexus of art and climate change, trying her hand at illustrations relating to environmental issues. Her illustrations have been commissioned and published by organizations like the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (see here) and the Pisces Foundation (see here).

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