Story of Water credits

The Story of Water was written by Ruben DeLuna, Miranda Fox, Michael O’Heaney, and Alissa Weinman.

The film was directed and animated by Ruben DeLuna Creative and produced by The Story of Stuff Project.

Voiceover by Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young.

With creative and technical support from the Story of Stuff Project and Corporate Accountability teams: Jericho Apo, Miguel Astudillo, Heshan Berents-Weeramuni, Brett Chamberlin, Neil Gupta, Taylor Leake, Lizzie McQuillan, Elisa Ringholm, Ari Rubenstein.

Special thanks to: Mayor Young, Lester Davis, and Mayor Young’s team, Rianna Eckel and Mary Grant at Food & Water Watch, Marc Steiner at Center for Emerging Media, and Justin C. Gladden at TERTLTANK Media Group.

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