2. Steps for passing a Stop McTeacher’s Nights resolution

Step 1: Determine the organization or institution you will engage to pass the resolution.

  • This could be your local or state teachers union, your local PTA or PTO, your school board or district Board of Education, or something else. Give us a call and we’ll help you brainstorm and decide what makes sense in your community.

Step 2: Power map leaders of your identified partner organization or institution to determine the best strategy to pass a resolution to stop McTeacher’s Nights.

(What is “power mapping”? See Section 3).

  • You may already have access to some members of the institution. If so, get started reaching out to them right away. If not, take this step to figure out how you can best reach them.
  • Find a champion. Based on your research and outreach, identify the best person to introduce and champion the resolution (meaning they’ll partner with you to pass it and organize support from their peers). For example, in the case of unions or PTAs, a board member can often bring the resolution forward at a monthly meeting of the board.
  • Follow the steps in Section 3 to brainstorm tactics to move your target institution to pass the resolution.

Step 3: Organize!

  • Create a draft of a resolution (see the samples in Section 5) with all of the specifics of your local education community. Make sure you share this draft with your identified partner institution.
  • Build grassroots support for your resolution. See Sections 6, 7, and 8 for tools like sample calling scripts, email templates, visual aids, and a letter to the editor training.

Step 4: Follow up, follow up … and follow up.

  • As the old adage says, 90 percent of organizing is follow-up. These days, many people don’t respond to emails or voicemails—not because they don’t care or aren’t interested, but just because they are busy! Don’t be deterred by a lack of response; pick up the phone and follow up.
    • For example, if you ask someone to call their board of education member’s office, follow up with them a few days later to ensure they’ve done it.
  • Depending on the institution’s process, the resolution might need to be approved by vote at a hearing or meeting. Keep abreast of where the resolution is in the process, and organize community members to take supportive actions like testifying in favor of the resolution at a hearing.

Step 5: Celebrate and amplify your victory!

  • Let us know when you win! (See info below.) We’ll help raise media visibility, and our members and activists across the country will help keep the heat on McDonald’s.
  • Amplify your victory through letters to the editor from community members, tailored messages for the media, and letters to McDonald’s franchisees from leaders of the institution.
    • See samples and trainings for these actions in Sections 7 and 9.

Step 6: Escalate.

  • If your local teachers union passed a resolution to stop McTeacher’s Nights, work with them to get support from the state union, or to pass a policy through the school district. Every victory builds a foundation for the next one, so let’s keep the pressure on until McDonald’s is out of schools once and for all!


We’re here to support you throughout the process. Give us a call at 617-695-2525 or email [email protected] anytime.


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