Toolkit: Organizing in your community to end McTeacher’s Nights

How to use this toolkit

Whether you’ve taken action with us already and told McDonald’s to stop McTeacher’s Nights, spoken with one of our organizers one-on-one, or stumbled across this on our website, we’re glad you’re here. People like you are exactly who we need to transform the food system and kick junk food marketing and fast food corporations out of our schools.

This toolkit is designed to give you the materials you need to introduce and pass a resolution calling for an end to McTeacher’s Nights in your local education community. You can pass a resolution through your local or state teachers union, move your Parent Teacher Association to stop McTeacher’s Nights, or even organize your district Board of Education to pass a policy stopping the practice—the most binding and enforceable way to stop McDonald’s marketing in schools.

We are here to support you on questions, advice, additional materials, and anything else! Just email [email protected] or call 617-695-2525 and ask to speak with an organizer on our food campaign. We’re happy to walk you through the toolkit, fill in the gaps, and help you make a winning plan.

Table of contents

  1. Why McTeacher’s Nights?
  2. Steps for passing a Stop McTeacher’s Nights resolution
  3. Power mapping a public figure
  4. Stop McTeacher’s Nights talking points
  5. Sample resolution language and model policy checklist
  6. Sample language to decision-makers
    1. Sample email
    2. Sample calling scripts
  7. Letter to the editor training
  8. Organizing materials
    1. Stop McTeacher’s Nights factsheet and alternative fundraisers flyer
    2. Stop McTeacher’s Nights visual pattern
    3. Stop McTeacher’s Nights paper petition
  9. Amplification materials
    1. Social media language
    2. Sample letter to McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook
    3. Sample letter to PTA leadership and school principals
  10. Appendix: School marketing policy checklist

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