5. Sample resolution to Stop McTeacher’s Nights

Whereas all people have the right to access healthy, nourishing food,

Whereas [UNION/PTA/SCHOOL BOARD] has a strong interest in protecting and promoting the health of our students, and fostering environments that nurture and nourish our children,

Whereas an escalating epidemic of chronic diet-related diseases increasingly threatens the health of children,

Whereas corporations like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola that sell processed foods and beverages high in sugar, salt, and fat directly contribute to the rise in diet-related diseases by spending billions of dollars on marketing these products,

Whereas children are uniquely susceptible to corporate marketing because their brains are still developing, they do not understand the persuasive intent of marketing, and they cannot differentiate it from other messages,

Whereas the American Academy of Pediatrics believes “advertising directed toward children is inherently deceptive and exploits children under age eight,”

Whereas partnerships between junk food corporations and health and education institutions erode public health by giving these brands an undeserved association with health and wellness,

Whereas junk food marketing in schools is particularly harmful because children are a captive audience,

Whereas the marketing of McDonald’s-style junk food in schools has eroded the school food environment and teaches children the wrong lessons about nutrition,

Whereas it is wrong to exploit trusted institutions like schools and the student-teacher relationship to market junk food to children,

Whereas a growing movement of educators, parents, and health professionals are demanding an end to McDonald’s exploitative marketing tactics including McTeacher’s Nights.

Resolved that [UNION/PTA/SCHOOL BOARD] publicly denounces the “McTeacher’s Nights” marketing program that McDonald’s uses to promote its brand and make teachers “work” in their stores at a “fundraiser.”

Resolved that [UNION/PTA/SCHOOL BOARD LEADERSHIP] will write a letter to local McDonald’s franchisees and McDonald’s CEO demanding a swift and immediate end to this exploitative marketing program.

[For teachers unions] Resolved that [UNION] will stand with teachers’ unions across the country including the National Education Association (NEA) and more than 50 state and local affiliates of NEA and the American Federation of Teachers in stopping the exploitative advertising tactics and support publicly the campaign to Stop McTeacher’s Nights.

Further Resolved that [UNION] will urge our state and national affiliates to follow suit and pass similar policies stopping McTeacher’s Nights.

[For School Districts] Resolved that [SCHOOL BOARD] will direct all principals, educators, PTAs and affiliate staff to cease all participation in McTeacher’s Nights.


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