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FY 2021


Your impact: Corporate Accountability campaigns

In a tumultuous year full of uncertainty, Corporate Accountability stayed connected to what matters most: our relationships and our vision for change. We built deep power, strategized, stayed flexible, and implemented tactics to make the biggest impact on the corporations causing the most harm to people and the planet.

You demand Big Polluters pay up

People are demanding Big Polluters be held accountable for how they have knowingly fueled this catastrophe, and you have helped make this shift possible.

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You help protect the human right to water

While water privatizers sought to exploit the pandemic to increase profits, the water justice movement rose up to oppose and check them.

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You advance strategies to expose Big Tobacco

You bring the industry’s underhanded and racist tactics to the forefront, while bringing global leaders together.

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You stand up to Big Food and Soda

We challenged corporations influencing public health policy, fueling racial injustices, and marketing of unhealthy products.

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Your impact in FY2021

This year, we captured a snapshot of our campaign impact with a visual roadmap. We invite you to spend some time with this visual representation of what your support has made possible.

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