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FY 2021

Sarah Hodgdon

Adviser Spotlight

Sarah Hodgdon

As Corporate Accountability’s Board Chair, Sarah Hodgdon brings two decades of organizing experience in the environmental movement—and for her, organizing from a relationship-based foundation is key to achieving big, systemic change. “That really means working at the speed of trust, getting to know each other, getting to know what matters to each other, understanding where we’ve harmed each other in the past, and repairing those harms.”

A long-time advocate for racial justice, Hodgdon sees her role on the board as helping the organization weave race equity into everything it does. She’s excited to support the organization as it explores what it means to be truly accountable to Black and Indigenous communities, communities of color, and Global South communities. “I think it will reshape the way that we think of governance. It will reshape the way that we think about power,” she says.

Hodgdon has been a sustaining donor to Corporate Accountability for twenty years, because she believes the organization has an important role to play in creating change. “I stay involved with Corporate Accountability because it gives me hope. I’ve always been impressed by how strategic the campaigns are, and that they’re planned from an organizer’s point of view: thinking about how we get the most number of people involved to have the most bold change possible.”

Watch a short excerpt from our conversation with Sarah Hodgdon.

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