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Melanie Flaxer

Member Spotlight

Melanie Flaxer

Melanie Flaxer knows what it’s like to go up against a broken system. As a public school teacher, she sees the effects of corporate power and economic injustice on her students. “It’s a problem that I have students who don’t have access to food or other things they need,” she says. Partnering with Corporate Accountability gives her the opportunity to challenge larger systems at play.

Flaxer learned about Corporate Accountability through Resource Generation, of which she is a member, and was drawn to the organization’s values and approach: “Corporate Accountability truly stands up to corporate power. And the organization does an amazing job of partnering with local organizations and amplifying the voices of folks who are most affected by the issues. That’s why I feel empowered when I’m able to give to Corporate Accountability. I feel like I’m making such a big difference, and I find that really meaningful.”

As someone who likes to connect with people, she enthusiastically agreed to co-host our first virtual house party this year. “It’s important for me to be involved with the organizations I donate money to,” she notes. And she was glad to have done it: “It was a beautiful evening,” she says of the house party, one which gave her inspiration and “a sliver of hope” during these challenging times.

Watch a short excerpt from our conversation with Melanie, where she talks about the power of collective organizing to create change.

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