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FY 2021

People power

People power drives Corporate Accountability’s impact

It is people like you who make it possible to challenge corporate power and hold transnational corporations accountable while advancing racial and economic justice. More than 85% of Corporate Accountability’s funding comes from individuals who believe in a world where people have decision-making power over their lives, not corporations.

  • Each year six to 12 people interested in challenging corporate power join the Giving Circle, and commit six months of learning, organizing, and fundraising together to support Corporate Accountability and our allies.
  • Virtual house parties are where we get to meet you, where you get to bring your friends to learn more about Corporate Accountability, and where we all build power behind the campaigns. House party hosts help make these parties a success!
  • From organizing delegations to your attorney general’s office, to calling your member of Congress, to signing petitions, your actions reverberate around the world.

Being people-powered gives us ultimate political independence: We don’t take corporate money, and we don’t answer to government agencies’ or institutions’ whims. We answer to you. Your generosity allows us to strategize for the long-term while remaining nimble. We can meet the moment, directing energy and resources to where they will have the greatest impact.

It’s true that we don’t have even a fraction of money that our corporate adversaries have. But we have what they will never have: your passion, commitment, and power. And that means that in the end, we—all of us—will win.  

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