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U.N. negotiation room, with a hundred wooden chairs set up in a circle, people facing inward, and a few attendees seated by their computers and microphones.

Civil society stops the chair's attempts to halt all progress on the TNC treaty, a tool meant to hold corporations accountable for its harms.

Updates from the United Nations negotiations on the international legally binding instrument to regulate, in international human rights law, the activities of transnational corporations.

United Nations in Geneva on a cloudy day, flags stretch out across the bright green lawn.

Social movements are demanding a treaty that holds corporations accountable for abuse across the globe. Here's how we get there.

An upright fist surrounded by a circle of people holding hands. All of the figures are orange.

The better funded and more connected our movements are, the more impact we will all have. Learn more about the Movement Solidarity Fund.

A person holds up a sign "against fossil fuels" during Climate Week in New York City.

After years of pressure from frontline communities across the state, the California AG takes a crucial step to make Big Polluters pay.

Our movement work seeks to support, elevate, and connect campaigns around the world challenging corporate power. Learn about our approach.

Scene at a night protest. The sign in the forefront reads "Stop Police Brutality"

In early June, the Atlanta City Council voted 11-4 to approve $67 million in funding for “Cop City” — more ...

A Black woman, wearing a brightly-colored fabric face mask, stands outside of the Minnesota capital building holding protest signs that read "Economic justice" and "reparations now!" She is surrounded by Black men holding video equipment and participating in the protest.

Programs in Evanston, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and the state of California take steps to set policies and funding for reparations.

Today in the start of the Anti-Chevron week of action. Here’s how you can get involved!

Daniel Dorado speaks into a microphone at a panel discussion. He has dark hair, pale skin, and wears classes, and sits in front of a presentation screen with the Corporate Accountability logo.

Conversation with Daniel Dorado, campaign director, on recent wins, Corporate Accountability's role in the movement, and what gives him hope.

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