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A white woman with light brown hair holds up a sign that reads "Justice for Flint"

We came together with people across the U.S. to demand justice in Flint 10 years after the start of the city’s water crisis.

Local organizations uplift demands for government, corporate accountability.

A group of people gather to protest outside of the U.N. climate talks. An Indigenous leader stands before the crowd and with a handheld drum and leads the group in song.

Together, we’re shifting the landscape in which corporations operate and building global power. Learn more about our collective impact.

We call for a permanent ceasefire and an end to profiteering and occupation in Palestine. We expose how corporate power fuels and supports Israel’s actions.

A group of six people stand together in the halls outside of a Houston City Council meeting, and smile at the camera.

The power of grassroots activism: How organizers stopped a major privatization threat in its tracks in Houston.

A hand-drawn illustration featuring a diverse group of people celebrating a victory, represented by the breaking of a large chain below them. One person is helping another person step up into the group, while stars and vibrant lines further suggest liberation from oppressive systems.

What does it look like to organize toward what is necessary, not what it politically feasible? Read the latest letter from Corporate Accountability’s Executive Director.

After an exceptional tenure as executive director, Patti Lynn will be moving into a new role at Corporate Accountability by the end of 2024. The board of directors is grateful for the ample time that Patti has provided to execute this transition—and we are thrilled that she will be staying on as an organizer and fundraiser.

: Ari Rubenstein, a young white organizer with Corporate Accountability, holds a sign that says “National Parks Think Outside the Bottle.” He is high above the scenic background behind him--blue sky, ocean, and trees.

Long-term campaigning to challenge corporations works! We’re celebrating a string of victories challenging the bottled water industry’s abuses. This is what it looks like to build a movement to protect life-giving water from corporate greed.

Crowds gather and march down the streets of New York City demanding climate justice. Five people of different ages and backgrounds carry a banner that reads "System change not climate change."

With your support, we’re moving the dial on climate action and building a fierce movement to stop corporate abuse.

Several members of the President's National Infrastructure Advisory Council have ties to private water corporations.

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