April 6, 2015

While California suffers drought, Nestlé keeps bottling

Photo via Jessica Sheridan

Californians are facing one of the worst droughts in modern history. But while residents are being urged to conserve water — including mandatory water usage restrictions — Nestlé is bottling this scarce resource straight from the heart of California’s drought, exporting it out of state, and selling it for profit.

It’s time for California’s state water regulator to put a stop to this. That’s why we’re joining our friends at Courage Campaign and tell the California Water Resources Control Board to shut down Nestlé’s bottling operations during this devastating drought.

Nestlé extracts water from at least a dozen natural springs in California for its Arrowhead and Pure Life brands. And it’s bottling and exporting unknown quantities of water from an area where the aquifers are in serious decline. Meanwhile, new state law will require residents and businesses to conserve water.

Unfortunately, Nestlé has repeatedly ignored requests from local residents to halt its operations, even as water levels continue to shrink and residents experience poor water service. It’s clear that Nestlé has no intention of voluntarily halting its dangerous water bottling practices. It’s time for state water regulators to step in.

Please join our friends at Courage Campaign and act now: Demand the California Water Resources Control Board immediately shut down Nestlé’s irresponsible bottling operations.


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