February 9, 2012

Communities go bottled water free

Six states, 140 cities and a growing number of universities have declared an end to spending on bottled water, saving money and boosting confidence in the tap.

Our nation’s public officials make critical decisions about who controls our water and how we spend our city and county resources, many times in the face of aggressive industry lobbying. When local, state and national governments spend taxpayer money on bottled water, it sends the absolute wrong message about the quality and value of our public water systems.  But now, forward-thinking mayors and governors across the country have resolved to end government spending on bottled water.

Students are also taking the lead. In universities, colleges and high schools across the country, they are raising public awareness and building support to create bottled water free campuses.

And, restaurants, cafes and other establishments (like Vermont’s Capitol Ground, pictured) across the country have pledged to stop serving bottled water.

Together we are building a movement across the U.S. to Think Outside the Bottle!

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