September 29, 2017

Corporate Accountability Action League: Spotlight on Saratoga Springs, NY


Marching in the streets. Visiting elected officials’ offices. Calling and emailing representatives. Hosting letter-writing parties. There’s no doubt about it: Since the election of Donald Trump, Corporate Accountability International members and activists have stepped up in new and inspiring ways to challenge the egregious expansion of corporate power under the new administration — including through the Corporate Accountability Action League.

For the last few months, people across the country have been organizing in their own communities to build power to stop Trump’s pro-privatization agenda, which threatens to turn critical public infrastructure — like our water systems — over to private hands.

In Saratoga Springs, New York, a dedicated group of activists have formed their own Corporate Accountability Action League chapter, launching a campaign to move their elected officials to protect the human right to water nationally. Over the last few weeks, they have been talking with their neighbors, gathering petitions, and signing on local organizations in support of the campaign. They are also organizing visits to two members of Congress to urge them to support the WATER Act (H.R. 1673) and oppose any privatization-pushing infrastructure agenda Trump may bring forward. And last weekend, the group tabled at the Saratoga Peace Fair, so they could talk with even more people about the campaign and bring them on board.

One of the Action League members at the fair last weekend was BK Keramati. “I think our democracy works pretty well as long as citizens are actively involved in what and how policy is made,” says BK, who joined Corporate Accountability International as a member and Action Leaguer in May. “Unfortunately, corporate interests and Big Money play too large a role, and this makes the involvement of ordinary citizens like me even more important. When I became aware of the Corporate Accountability Action League, I had to get involved and be a part of keeping water and its infrastructure from becoming privatized,” he says.

The Corporate Accountability Action League is part of Corporate Accountability International’s grassroots response to the election of Donald Trump as president. We ensure that the energy of resistance is molded into action that is sustained and strategic, bold and fierce. With leaders across the country, who range widely in their experience with activism, we are building grassroots power that challenges corporate power, abuse, and influence permeating throughout our government.

This is the movement we need — and you can be part of it! As the activists in Saratoga Springs show, all it takes is a handful of friends and neighbors getting together to take action and make your voices heard. Just email me at [email protected] or call me at 617.695.2525, and we’ll talk about how you can challenge corporate abuse in your own community.

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