March 11, 2022

Do greedy corporations make you angry?

Greedy corporations and the wealthy few who control them are raking in money and influence while the rest of us suffer. You can make a difference right now and every month to hold greedy corporations accountable.

Bezos saw his fortune soar from $113 billion to $178 billion during the pandemic. While failing to adequately protect its warehouse workers’ safety, and allegedly interfering with workers organizing for a labor union.

Exxon has known about the impacts of burning fossil fuels on the climate for decades. But rather than raise the alarm, it bankrolled climate denial and deception, manufactured doubt, attacked science, and interfered in public policy. All so it could continue polluting and profiting. Last year alone, Exxon earned $23 billion, while people and the planet suffered.

Seven years later, the people of Flint continue to demand accountability for the water crisis, which exposed residents to high levels of lead and other contaminants that threaten irreversible health problems.

In 2020, the 400 richest Americans added $4.5 trillion to their wealth. Meanwhile, millions of people across the U.S. are struggling to deal with the impacts of the pandemic, sky high health and child-care costs, and more. All because of a fundamentally unjust system that gives massive corporations far too much power.

But you can do something about it! Help us reach our goal to recruit 70 new monthly donors by March 25, and a generous donor will match your first monthly gift with an additional $150.

Corporate Accountability grows stronger by partnering with people like you. Your monthly donation will fund the vital year-round work to stop corporations from perpetuating systemic racism, devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying the planet. Will you be one of the first to step up?

As a monthly donor, your gift allows Corporate Accountability to be bold in our actions and plan strategically for the future. It’s easy to get started, and you can change the amount or cancel your gift at any time.

Don’t wait until the deadline — start your monthly gift today and it will be matched with $150.

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