November 26, 2016

#GivingTuesday: Our water is not for sale.

Activists protesting Nestle water

Water is for people, not for profit!

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage corporation, and you probably know it has a long and troubled history. Among many abuses, Nestlé has, for decades, swooped into communities and interfered with local control of water. The corporation bottles millions of gallons of water from often pristine water sources while disregarding the objections of people who live in the area — sometimes at a significant environmental cost.

The good news is that communities across North America aren’t letting Nestlé get away with these abuses. For years, our Think Outside the Bottle campaign has worked closely with smart, passionate activists in communities across the country who are determined to keep Nestlé from threatening their local water sources. And this Giving Tuesday, we need your help to build power in these communities that are standing up to Nestlé.

We need to raise $5,000 this week to make sure these communities win. Will you help? Choose how you’ll pitch in now to make sure we hit our goal:


This Giving Tuesday, let’s show Nestlé that water is a shared resource, not a profit-making commodity for greedy corporations. Help us reach the goal before midnight on November 29!

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